Will Your Bankruptcy Filing Become Public Knowledge?

Interviewer: How public will someone’s situation be when they file? They are probably not going to want to tell friends or family or an employer, but will the filing becomes public record and anyone can view the details?

Your Creditors and Some Lenders Will Receive Notice of Your Bankruptcy Filing

Court: Some people will need to find out. Anybody you owe money to will receive a notice of the bankruptcy, obviously. Usually landlords or people you have leases with, if you have a car lease or something like that, they will receive a notice also.

If you have co-debtors, which would be people that owe money for something along with you, such as they’ve co-signed a loan, which frequently occurs with mortgages, those people will be notified also.

The Bankruptcy Filing Is Not Publicly Advertised

It doesn’t go out in the newspapers or is broadcast elsewhere. Other than the people that you actually owe money to, you can keep it pretty quiet.

Your Employer Would Is Informed Only to Relieve a Wage Garnishment

If you have a wage garnishment, then your employer is probably going to need to find out too. Other than that, you don’t really have to worry about anybody finding out.

By Court Koehler

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