Will Drug-Related Offenders Always Have to Attend a Drug Treatment Program?

Interviewer: With drug offenses, if individual is convicted are they automatically put on a drug testing program or probationary drug testing program?

Court Koehler: If you are convicted, you are going to get treatment as part of the probation pretty much every time. Treatment is really common as part of a sentence of probation.

Interviewer: Is the treatment comprised of classes and drug testing?

Court Koehler: Typically what the court will do is they will order you to have a substance abuse evaluation. They refer you to someone or they may allow you to pick someone to do the evaluation.  What you do is you will go and talk to the counselor and they ask you about your history. The goal of the evaluation is to determine what kind of a drug user you are and if you have a serious problem.  From that point, they will recommend a certain amount of treatment and the court will make you fulfill whatever treatment recommendation is made.

If you have a pretty long history with drugs, then you are going to have to go through some intensive treatment.  It might be classes, one on one with a counselor several times a week.  Whereas if you have a limited history and you are a lower risk person for drug abuse then you might just attend a few classes.

By Court Koehler

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