What Should You Look for When Considering Retaining an Attorney?

Interviewer: When someone is looking to hire a lawyer, what makes your firm a good choice for them?

Court Koehler: One of the benefits about my firm, like I said my style as an attorney is that I can go toe-to-toe with the prosecutor and defend you in the classic way when that is called for.  But, I find that it’s much better, most of the time, to be civil and to be professional and to deal with prosecutors and judges on a personal level by cultivating a trust and a relationship.

In my opinion, many defense attorneys miss that.  They don’t use that tactic.  They come in and they’re blunt and crude or they want the prosecutor or the judge to do something overly beneficial for their client, like dismiss all the charges for no valid reason.

From Judges to Clients, an Attorney Has to Work with Many Different People, so Good Negotiation Skills and Good Communication Skills Are Important

My style is to try and facilitate negotiation, and I find that that ends up benefitting my clients much better in the long run.  It’s also better if it comes down to dealing with going to trial, juries like that style a lot better, as well.

If they can side with your client morally and you can manage to get them to sympathize with your client, you’re going to get a lot better result from the jury trial, as well.  I think that it works well throughout all areas of criminal defense, and that’s kind of my mantra and my style as a defense attorney. I think that I do this as good as or even better than anybody in Utah.  That’s the benefit that you’re going to get.

We also allot of peas much personal attention and interaction as our clients need.  We don’t charge for phone calls; if it’s a simple question or a difficult, complex question that you have, you can always call us up and we’re willing to talk to you.  If we’re not available we’ll call you back within the day.  We contact our clients constantly, all the time, with simple questions and with difficult questions, and we’re always available for that, and that’s something that our clients love, too.

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