What Should You Look for in an Attorney?

Interviewer: For those who are reading this, when it comes to drug charges and they are looking for attorneys, what are some things that they should be looking for when it comes to dealing with drug charges?

Court: l always make a concerted effort to act like the attorney that I would like to have on my own case. There are many different types of attorneys.  I think that when you are looking for an attorney, what’s most important is an attorney that is honest with you in terms of what are the strengths and limitations of your case. You may not need someone who is a pit-bull, a bulldog or a tiger that’s going to go in and demand things from the judge and demand things from the prosecutor.

It Is Important the Attorney Knows How to Work Best with the Prosecutors and Judges

What I found is that you attract more bees with honey so to speak. Being able to negotiate professionally and politely with the prosecutor and being able to interact with the judge and present a client in a favorable light, in a way that the judge will appreciate and believe are the things that are most important in 90% of cases.

Good Communication Skills Are Important

90% of cases don’t even end up going to trial. For someone to be a superstar trial lawyer it’s a great deal to us and it’s something that I apply to myself as well. But most of the time what’s more important is a person’s negotiating ability; the ability to communicate with the prosecutor and to communicate with you as a client. The attorney needs to be honest with you about the situation that you are in and what the advantages and disadvantages of your case are.

Be Wary of Firm Guarantees You Hear during Your Initial Consultation

When you are looking at an attorney, you want to stay away from the attorneys that pounce to you, that make light of your situation, who make you feel like what you’re facing is no big deal. They claim they see it all the time and they’re going to get you such and such deal. Those are the types of attorneys that are not necessarily being honest with you about the seriousness of your charges; they’re trying to get you to sign up with them and then after that they worry about calling you the bad side of the case after you already signed up and after they’re already paid. That’s one thing.

It Is Important the Attorney Is Available to Answer Questions and Concerns You Have

The other thing is the ability to be available, answer your calls, and answer your questions in a way that you can understand so you’re not confused. You need someone to advise you on the law as it relates to your case.

You don’t want somebody who’s too busy to take your calls. You don’t want somebody that’s too busy to make an appointment or to take time to explain some things in a way that you can understand. That’s what I would say; somebody you can communicate with and that has the availability and somebody who is able to tell you the truth about what your situation is.

By Court Koehler

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