What Should You Avoid While Your Case Is Pending?

Interviewer: On the opposite side of that spectrum, what are some things that people will do that you’ve seen that hurt their case and make it worse?

Be Respectful: It Is Helpful to Make a Good Impression on the Judge

Court: There is a lot to be said for the way that you conduct yourself in front of the judge. You always want to dress nicely when you show up for court. You don’t want to miss court dates or be late for court dates. When you’re talking to the judge, you’re going to be very respectful and that can go a long way.

I would say the most important thing that you can do to not hurt your case is to make sure that you are respectful of the judge and that you are respectful of the court and the court’s time. That alone can be really helpful because some defendants aren’t respectful of the judge and they aren’t respectful of the process. When you are respectful that puts you in a much better light than them in the judges’ eyes.

At the end of the day, the judge is the one that is going to look at your case. They have guidelines and they have lots and lots of people that are coming through and they tend to sentence in a certain way based on the charge. But it is a human being that’s looking at you and if he feels differently about you than the next defendant, you may impose a sentence that’s better for you.

By Court Koehler

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