What Are The Consequences Of A DUI Conviction?

Are People Surprised At The Severity Of The Consequences A DUI Conviction Can Have On Their Life?

Yes, some people are. There are actually two different kinds of people. Some people have no idea of all the consequences that can occur so they are really surprised to find out some of the things that are going to be affected that they didn’t think about.

The other set of people are overly nervous all of the consequences and they have an overreaction or an idea that this is going to have consequences that it doesn’t actually have. So it’s usually one of the two but a good number of people don’t realize some of the collateral consequences for sure.

What Are The Financial Consequences Someone With A DUI Conviction On Their Record Might Face?

There are the fine payments to the court, that’s the one thing that everybody is expecting. One of the things they don’t expect is when you get a DUI conviction in Utah, you’re going to have to be sentenced to a certain subset of these treatment programs. You will be required to pay for those out of pocket which can be pretty expensive.

You have to get an assessment that might run $100 to $200. Depending on what treatment is recommended, you might have to have somewhere in between $300 or $400 worth of treatment expenses all the way up to $1,000 or $2,000 if it’s a really severe case.

Another thing that takes people by surprise is if you get convicted of a DUI in Utah, you have to have an ignition interlock device for 18 months and you have to pay for that too. The installation fee is going to be a couple of hundred bucks. You also have a monthly maintenance fee that’s going to run anywhere from $50 to $100 as well. For 18 months, that’s over $2,000 that will cost you.

Sometimes, you have insurance consequences as far as your auto insurance. That depends on your insurance carrier and it certainly costs more if you have an increase there. Another thing that people don’t realize is in Utah, they are really tough on driver’s license suspensions. This means, you’re going to get a suspension for four months. Unfortunately in Utah, there is no way to get a work release permit or a school release permit or anything like that. So, you’ve got to find another way to get transportation.

Sometimes, that can cost you, especially if you’re taking cabs. The other thing is if it causes you to miss work like if you have to drive for your work, which is the case with a lot of people, you’re going to miss time at work and that’s going to cost you money as well. So it all adds up.

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