Marijuana Is the Most Common Drug Attributed to Possession Charges in Utah

Interviewer: For drug possession, what are the most common drugs that you see that are involved in arrests?

Court: Well, by far, the most common is marijuana. You also see everything from methamphetamine to cocaine. On occasion, you’ll see other drugs involved in possession charges, such as heroin or LSD. I’d say the most common is definitely marijuana though.

Interviewer: In Utah, Salt Lake City isn’t known for any particular drug problem or is there is high number of drug-related incidents?

Marijuana Is Grown Illegally in Some of the Area’s State Parks

Court: Well, there’s a pretty good-sized meth problem. There’s a lot of methamphetamine around. But yeah, pot is definitely the most common. And it’s grown around here a lot too in kind of the wilderness areas. California has a big problem with that, and it’s starting to get more prevalent around here in the national parks where there are grow operations.

Interviewer: What have you heard in the news about which national parks they found marijuana plants?

Court: The central eastern part of the state has gotten the most coverage. Also in the Uintah region, where there has been some issues too. Primarily the areas where you have the mountainous regions that are pretty uninhabited, plants can be found at the higher elevations.

If you watch the news, you’ll see a number of marijuana arrests where they stop a truck that is carrying tens of hundreds of pounds of marijuana. It might be passing through, or it might be coming from a marijuana farm in the state.

But that happens here quite frequently. We are situated kind at a crossroads, because I-15 comes through here, and that runs from California. And I-80 comes from Northern California. So that traffic at least passes through, if not originates here.

What Is the Current Climate in the State of Utah’s about the Prevalence of Certain Drugs?

Interviewer: Does the state of Utah have any particular enforcement goals? Is there any activity in particular that they are cracking down on?

Law Enforcement Agencies Are Pursuing Methamphetamine Labs and Illegal Marijuana Farms

Court: In the past, they’ve come down pretty hard on methamphetamine, and they continue to do that. They have cracked down on the marijuana grow operations recently. And I would imagine that with the recent legalization that happened in Colorado just over on the eastern border that they are probably going to be really careful about cars that are passing through on the Colorado side.

Law Enforcement Officials Are Watching for Suspicious Transportation Activity

In terms of just individuals, not necessarily huge marijuana grow operations, but cars that are passing by will be scrutinized carefully because I imagine law enforcement will be suspicious. They’re looking for anything they can stop somebody and investigate them for. Now, they look for marijuana in addition to the normal DUI activity that they would do or speeding and other infractions.

By Court Koehler

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