If You Have a Probation Violation or Criminal Charge, What Should Be your First Step?

Interviewer: If you were to summarize, I guess, up to several points of advice, what would they be?

Contact an Attorney

Court Koehler: If you do break the law, the first piece of advice is you need to call an attorney.  An attorney knows what your situation is. They know what you’re looking at. They can help you assess how strong your case is, and they can tell you what you can expect as far as fines or if there’s going to be jail time.

An Attorney Can Help in More Ways than Most People Imagine

People get very nervous and very scared and they imagine the worst case scenarios, and a lot of times we can get you out of things without having to do any jail time, and without having to pay a massive amount of fines we can arrange a payment plan for fines so it doesn’t totally impact your whole life because you were arrested or convicted for one crime.

Get a lawyer.  That will save you peace of mind, and it will also strengthen your case by attending to things early and, if there’s any sort of evidence that can be gathered that can help exculpate you, then that’s still available.  If you wait too long, people forget things and names are lost, witnesses are lost, police officers don’t remember.  It can be hard to defend a case if you wait too long.

Do Not Delay in Contacting an Attorney, the Sooner One Is Retained, the Sooner He or She Can Help Defend the Case

The second piece of advice would be, don’t wait to get a lawyer.  Get a lawyer right away. Then finally, just try not to worry too much.  Most things, obviously  criminal offenses are a very serious matter, but usually people imagine things being worse than they really are.

The majority of times, we’re able to get you a reasonable sentence that is not going to completely ruin your reputation.  Try to relax and don’t automatically assume that you’re going to get the maximum sentence for whatever crimes that you have.  Be quick to call a lawyer and get some real advice.  Also, don’t listen to your friends or work colleagues.  They don’t usually know what they’re talking about.

If You Need to Contact an Attorney about a Probation Violation or Criminal Offense:

To reach our office, our phone number is 801-200-3795.  You can also reach us on our website at www dot Salt Lake dui defense dot com.  There’s a contact form there that you can use to contact us.  Those are the two ways that clients usually get in touch with us.

Additionally, you can go to the Salt Lake dui defense website and use the contact form there.  If you want to e-mail directly, you can e-mail me, Court, C-O-U-R-T at Salt Lake dui defense dot com.

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