Experience of Koehler Law Firm PLLC in Handling Bankruptcy Cases

What Sets Koehler Law Offices Apart In Handling Bankruptcy Cases?

The first thing they do is to make it a lot easier than a lot of other firms. One way they do that is they do as much of the work in filling out the petition as they can first. They have a little worksheet that they have you fill out. It is a small amount of filing. If you have had bankruptcy firms and have seen their worksheets and packets, they can be so daunting.

A lot of times, they are making you do the work for them. They basically put the petition in a worksheet and have you go through and fill everything out. Some information on your debts can be filled out for you by your attorney. The attorney will need your basic information. They can do the prep work on that worksheet to make it easier for you. That makes them stand out from other firms.

Another thing is the Koehler Law Offices, PLLC, prides themselves on keeping in touch with you after the bankruptcy is filed. They would like to make sure that they do not have any creditors that were left off. They want to make sure that they do not have any creditors that are still calling you, that did not get notice of the bankruptcy. They will also make sure that you do not have any problems with your credit report. After clearing things off that have been discharged by bankruptcy, it is all included in their fee. You do not have to worry about calling them up a couple of months after filing, because they make sure all creditors understand the process and to leave the client alone. The Koehler Law Offices PLLC can take care of that for you.

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