Does The Car Always Get Impounded After A DUI?

When someone is arrested for a DUI their car will usually be impounded, but it depends on the situation. It may not be impounded if an officer let somebody come and pick up the car, or if there was somebody in the car who was not intoxicated to drive the car home. However, most of the time the car would get impounded, in which case there would be a fee to get it out of the impound lot so that can be a problem. Getting the car out of impound might not necessarily affect the case, so if someone needed their car then they could go ahead and get it out.

What Issues Might Be Faced While Getting The Car Out Of Impound?

The number one difficulty would obviously be the fee, which is around $330. However, if there was a hearing with the Driver’s License Division, and the person was victorious so the DLD did not take action or suspend the license, then the person could actually get that impound fee refunded. The attorney can also try to get the impound fee returned if the case was ultimately dismissed or if the DLD did not take action on the license, which is something important for people to know.

The car getting impounded is inconvenient enough, but sometimes the car can also be kept as evidence, which is pretty rare but it does happen, In that case the person would not be able to get the car back, which would be extremely inconvenient. Most of the time though, the car would be towed to the impound lot and the person would have to go and get it, pay the impound fee and then deal with things from there.

Does It Get More Expensive The Longer The Car Is There?

There is a certain point at which the impound lot would start charging the person for them keeping the car, although it would be at least a couple of months before they started charging for extra time. Someone who picked up the car within a couple of weeks or so would probably only pay the impound fee.

Should Someone Explore Options For Transportation And Make Preparations To Be Able To Drive Legally?

Yes. Utah, unlike many other states, has tough consequences for getting a DUI. The person’s license would automatically be suspended for 120 days if they were arrested for a DUI. This would take place 30 days after the arrest, so they would have 30 days to arrange to potentially have a lifestyle where they could not drive for four months, which can be really tough for some people. Utah can be considered a bit harsher than other states, because although the license is suspended automatically in every state, but a lot of other states allow permits for work or for school, whereas they do not allow that in Utah. The person would not get a limited driving permit for any reason, so wherever they lived and worked they would need to arrange transportation that did not involve the person driving, unless they were victorious at the Driver’s License Division hearing and were able to convince them to not suspend the license. The license suspension would be in effect and the person would not be able to drive unless and until the case got dismissed or pled to something lesser than a DUI, which would be at least a couple of months at the earliest, so they would essentially need to prepare not to be driving.

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