Can You Maintain Employment While on Probation?

Interviewer: Can people work while they’re on probation?

Court Koehler: In fact, quite often it is one of the times that as a condition of their probation, they’re supposed to work and if they have trouble finding work they have to be able to prove to the probation officer that they’ve been looking for work. They may have to submit copies of job applications that have been turned in to show that they have been looking for work.

Generally the probation officer is going to want to make sure that you’re doing something worthwhile with yourself and seeking employment is one of those things.

Receiving Government Assistance, Such as Food Stamps, Is Unaffected by Probation

Interviewer: Are people still entitled to benefits while they’re on probation?  Can they receive any sort of government assistance programs or anything of that nature?

Court Koehler: Yes, it doesn’t affect anything like that. You should still be eligible for any disability or social security that you are entitled to; probation doesn’t generally affect that kind of thing.  One of the goals of probation is it’s there so you can get yourself back together and prove to the courts and the judge that you can be a contributing member of society.  If the courts take away a lot of benefits that just forces you into a tough situation and hinders your being able to become a contributing member of society.

Can Probation Affect Your Driver’s License?           

Interviewer: What about your driver’s license? What effect does probation have on that?

Your License Can Be Suspended as a Result of a Conviction

Court Koehler: Probation, per se, doesn’t necessarily have any effect on your driver’s license unless the judge decides to suspend your license as a condition of the conviction. Usually that doesn’t happen.

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