Can the Alcohol-Restricted Status Be Imposed on an Underage Driver?

Interviewer: Is alcohol restriction different for underage people versus adults or does it apply to anyone that gets convicted?

Underage Drivers Are Not Legally Permitted to Consume Alcohol

Court Koehler: The way that the statute is worded, anyone under 21 is already considered to be alcohol restricted because they can’t legally ingest alcohol because they are under age.  When someone that is under 21 gets arrested for DUI, they have the alcohol restricted driver status imposed for two years.

Underage Drivers Are Subject to the Alcohol-Restricted Status for Two Years, Depending on Their Age at the Time of the Offense

If you are going to turn 21 before two years is up, then the restriction will last two years. For example, let’s say that you are 20 years old and you get pulled over and you get convicted of a DUI.  You will have the alcohol restricted driver status until you are 22.  If you are 17, on the other hand, then the alcohol restricted driver status will last until you are 21.

Let’s say three years later, when you are 20 years old, if you get pulled over and you have alcohol in your system, you’ll have that additional penalty.

By Court Koehler

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