Attorney Koehler Offers Both Complimentary Initial Consultations as Well as Commencing Your DLD Hearing

Interviewer: When someone’s arrested and they want to contact you, what’s your process? Do you provide them with an initial consultation? What is important to discuss during the consultation?

Court: I do offer free initial consultations. Usually when people first call me, I just talk to them right there on the phone. Then I generally schedule another consultation where they come into my office and we meet in person to talk over the case.

At that time you would either decide to hire me or not. Then it would go forward from there. But I always offer free consultations. I can do it over the phone or in person. I always include the DLD administrative process. I can always get that started at no cost as well.

Interviewer: So for free you’ll at least put in a notice to start the hearing?

Court: All you have to do is file a letter or send a letter to the Driver’s License Division and I’ll always do that for people if they come in and see me just to get that process started for them.

Speaking to Voice Mail or Support Staff: You Can Be Assured that Attorney Koehler Is Available to You After Being Retained

Interviewer: That’s great. Once someone decides to work with you, do you have other staff that will take their call or do you always answer the phone? If I retain you am I going to get you on the phone?

Court: It’s me almost all the time. The only time you might talk to somebody else is if I’m in court or out of town. I might have staff answer my phone, but I generally take my own calls. You’ll have my direct number and you’ll be talking to me an awful lot.

When you choose to hire a DUI attorney you’re going to be having some interaction with them, so I try to make myself really available. There is a lot of communication that needs to happen between attorney and client, so I always take direct calls.

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Attorney Koehler Will Be the Attorney Defending Your Case in Court

Interviewer: How about court? Are you always going to come to court with me for all my dates or do you have other staff show up?

Court: Almost always I do am the one in court.  Every once in a while there’s a scheduling conflict, and if there is, and I have to have somebody else go, then I would let you know.

If that kind of an event happens, the other attorney would just be handling technical work or rescheduling a hearing. I would never have another attorney show up and handle a hearing or a trial or something substantive. I will always, always do that work myself. The only reason I wouldn’t show up to court is if there was an impossible scheduling conflict and I had to have somebody else stand in to continue it or request another date.

Interviewer: It sounds like you give a lot of personal attention and time and that’s what people are going to experience when they decide to work with you.

Did You Choose the Right Attorney? An Experienced and Compassionate Attorney Understands That You Will Experience a DUI on an Emotional Level

Court: A large part of the job is walking people through the process and just answering questions and serving as somebody who knows the system and knows what needs to be done. It’s not all just the legal side of the case.

There’s also who do I want to talk to about ignition Interlocks and where do I need to go for probation and what kinds of trouble am I going to have with the Drivers License Division? A large part of my job is just helping people through a DUI case on a personal level.

For a Free Consultation, Contact Attorney Koehler By Phone or Email

Interviewer: For people that are reading what you’ve spoken here and they’re convinced now that they want to call you for a free consult, what’s the best way for them to get in touch with you?

Court: Just the phone number on our website. It’s 801-200-3795. You can call through there. I will probably answer the phone or somebody else that can get you to me. Or you can also submit an email. That’s works as well.

By Court Koehler

Get your questions answered - call me for your free, 20 min phone consultation (801) 200-3795
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